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eBook: 17 Smart Tools Solopreneurs Need to Start, Grow, and Scale

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eBook: 17 Smart Tools Solopreneurs Need to Start, Grow, and Scale

Anna Burgess Yang
4 ratings

About this eBook:

Discover the 17 best apps and tools the most effective solopreneurs use to take their online business - and personal productivity - to the next level.

The tools you need on Day 1 with a single customer are much different than Day 365 when you’re juggling multiple customers, an expanded product offering, and an ever-growing to-do list.

This guide breaks down the different phases of your solopreneur journey.

  • Start: You have (or are trying to get) your first paying customers
  • Grow: You support a larger number of customers/products/services
  • Scale: You want to offer more without stretching yourself too thin

Each phase will list the tools you need and why.

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About me:

I am a former product manager turned content marketer and workflow consultant. As a self-proclaimed productivity geek, I help freelancers and creators find the best tools and automate their processes.

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A 27-page guide of tools, tips, and examples.

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